Thursday, April 22, 2010

April so far in pictures

Fun play date at the Art's Festival of OKC! I have always loved the Art's Festival. Last year, I went with my mom. It was so hot outside and I felt awful. I kept having to sit down and find shady a dog. Not surprising, considering the fact that I gave birth to Paige Madeline the next day!
They had this fun little play area for the little kids. Paige had so much fun crawling around in there.

And now - a preview of some birthday pics : ) My mom took these and just emailed them to me! Yay!! It isn't much...but it will hold me over! Above: outfit #2. She had her '1' shirt and tutu on, and we took a bath and changed after cake.
LOL! Giving baby Evyn her bottle. Paige lOVES babies! It is so funny!
Outfit 1.
Taken yesterday. This girl lives for grapes.

Our new trick: crawling out of the bath tub. It drives me nuts! I am constantly trying to get her to sit back down so she doesn't slip! She already has slipped once : ( But I had to grab my camera and snap her attempting to get out.
With my cute hubby after the Redbud Classic.

The actual birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe it has been a year. It is amazing to me how fast the time has gone. I remember driving home from Mercy a few days after she was born. I had packed a diaper bag. As if I might need to pull over and use anything on the 15 minute drive. We had no idea what we were doing. I remember saying, "are they really letting us take her?" I am far from a parenting pro, but I feel like I am getting it down. What I know for sure: one year ago my life changed forever. I am so in love with my baby girl.


Lindsey said...

Her hair looks super blonde in these pictures! Love the birthday preview!!

The Frasiers said...

Happy Birthday Paige!!