Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birth Choice

David and I had the privilege of attending the Birth Choice auction on Saturday night. Birth choice is a non-profit whose main goal is to help pregnant women. The women who come to them are scared. Often times they are teenagers who, in their mind, see no other choice than abortion. Birth Choice councils these women with compassion, understanding and love. Their first priority is to listen and not judge. When a girl comes in and gets a positive pregnancy test, if she is far enough along, they give her an ultrasound. The purpose of this is to get this girl to look at the screen and actually see her baby. All you mothers out there know how the sight of your baby's beating heart changes your life forever. I know it did mine.

The workers and volunteers at birth choice approach the young women with love. They are never pressured to make decisions, and if they do choose abortion, they are still treated with love and compassion. They offer post-abortion counseling. This is so important, as something like that will change a girl forever. They will help the young woman make an adoption plan, if she chooses that route. They have an OB come in and offer prenatal care.

I am not trying to start a pro-choice/pro-life debate...but I'll come out and say it: I am pro-life. I believe in choosing life. I believe that EVERY pregnancy is special and a gift from God. Every pregnancy is a miracle. God blesses every woman who chooses life. I believe that.

I was so moved by the speakers at this event. It was a wonderful night and a celebration of life.

I believe in Birth Choice and was happy to be a part of that special night!

The rest of our weekend was great as well! We went to the Thunder game on Friday. Saturday before the auction, I got my hair and nails done. Then Sunday, we worked in the yard, cleaned the house, and David ran in the Redbud.Classic. Paige and I walked all around Nichils Hills and enjoyed the nice weather.

I hope everyone's weekend was nice! Ready to take on the week. Paige's party is less than a week away and I haven't done much! Better get cracking...


Lindsey said...

What an amazing organization to be a part of/ work with! It sounds like they are doing an amazing job and simply loving and supporting pregnant women that are worried/ scared/ not prepared for pregnancy.

The party was this weekend too right? I hope it went well!

Lindsey said...

Ok - I suck at reading - just saw the party is next weekend! Oops..