Saturday, April 3, 2010

More zoo fun...and new sleep schedule woes

Pre-zoo snack! Paige is very in to turkey and cheese right now. I love that she feeds herself pretty much for every meal now. I get to sit down and eat too!
Looking at the animals at the zoo.
Ethan lets Paige take a ride in his wagon. Even if she does try to take his sippy.
With momma in the petting zoo! She liked the goats.
I snapped this pic in church. She sure does like to kick back and enjoy her bottle. We still feed her all of her bottles.

She is down to a bottle before nap time, then one big one after her nap, then a few sips before bedtime. I have no idea how we are going to wean her off those bottles before her nap and bed time. This is certainly not something I am not worried about right now, though. Maybe closer to 18 months. She is still my baby : )

We are also trying to navigate through the complicated world of one nap a day. She seems so adamant on napping once a day and sleeping longer at night. Which is great, except our evenings are certainly not what they used to be. We are "those" parents now, who want to meet for dinner at 6 so we can be home for bedtime.

Paige's schedule looks something like this:

Wake: 8
Nap: 12-2
Bedtime: 7 or 7:30

David and I LOVE having a few hours to ourselves in the evenings. But we have noticed we get invited a lot less places now lol. I guess not everyone wants to eat dinner at 5:30!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it. My bug's first : ) We hunted for eggs this morning with my family, are going to church tomorrow, and dinner at my parent's house tomorrow afternoon.


Lindsey said...

Love the new layout!

Paige is so cute - y'all need to come down to Houston once Kate is here so we can take both girl to the zoo!!

The Frasiers said...

Cute pic of them at the zoo! I think fighting over sippy cups are our biggest problem between those two right now... ha! Why can't they just each be happy with their own?!!?!
Happy first Easter Paige!