Wednesday, April 28, 2010

12 month well-baby visit

Grapes and turkey rock!

You might notice that I take a lot of pictures in the high chair. It is easy to get a bug to smile when she has a blueberry muffin in front of her!

Today was our 12 month check-up. It went great! We got a new pediatrician - and I love her. I just didn't love my old one. We never really clicked right. Plus, she was 30 minutes away, and my new one is about 1 minute away! No brainer!

Weight: 19.5 pounds (25%)
Height: 30 inches (75%)
Head: 90%!!! Big ole' head!!

She had to get 3 shots. The chicken pox, MMR, and a booster from one of her 6 months shots. The MMR shot was awful. It was the thickest one yet.

Paige in on track with all milestones, and I couldn't be happier!!

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Lindsey said...

So glad you love your new pedi! And Paige is a doll as usual!!