Sunday, May 2, 2010

How is it already May?

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it is May. May 5th was my first due date given to me by my IVF doctor. I had some fun looking back at my blog from the first few weeks of Paige's life this morning. What a blur that time is!

I vividly remember my first "bad" night with her. David was working on earnings release (which is this time every year...I curse it daily), so I felt like he needed his sleep. He was working 12 hour days, weekends, etc. I let him sleep in the guest room one particular night. He hadn't even gotten home from work until 10, and knew he had to get up early and get back to the office. Paige decided to pick this night to be up every hour. Around 2, she wouldn't even go back to sleep. I nursed, gave her a bottle, rocked, swaddled...did everything I could think of! She wasn't crying - her eyes were just wide open and would.not.shut. Finally, I got to the point where I literally wanted to throw her across the room. I KNOW every mom has been there at one point. I knew I needed to go wake up David. I couldn't handle being alone with this little thing anymore. So I woke him up, and he of course got her to sleep immediately. Thankfully, she slept until 8 after that!

I am lucky to say that is really my only memory of an awful night with her. For the most part, she really only woke up once in the night. What a blessing my wonderful little sleeper is : )

Sad to say that Paige had a little reaction to her vaccines on Tuesday. Thursday brought a runny nose and a very lethargic baby who only wanted to be held. It broke my heart! Thankfully she was feeling better for the weekend.

David and me at the Thunder game. Such a great series! We had a fun night.
My sick buggy. Broke my heart. We spent pretty much all day up in bed. She just wanted to lay there.
Bless her little heart.
It was all smiles the next day!!
My little goofball!

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Lindsey said...

Poor Paige. But, I am glad to hear that she is doing better.

And, I am praying for either a good sleeper or my body to magically no longer require sleep. I am not the most enjoyable person to be around when I am tired!