Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial weekend continued

We love the Goodnight Show on the S.prout channel! I don't let Paige watch too much TV - but sometimes on the weekends we unwind with a little S.prout before bedtime. It is a great channel - check it out!
Lindsey - I was laughing when I read your comment from the other day about 2 pieces. The funny thing is - I think they are adorable on little girls, but David doesn't like them! We never bought any for her, but got this as a hand-me-down. Daddy was playing golf yesterday, so Paige and I rocked our 2 pieces in the back yard. I guess it was doubly inappropriate...I am pregnant and she is 1! LOL!!
The bottoms are a little big on us - but I really can't handle the cuteness!! This kid is in love with being outside. When we have to come in, she cries and kicks. When we are inside, she crawls to the door and bangs on it.
Break for lunch!!
She likes her baby pool if I am in it too. If I'm not, then she plays around it. I love summer.

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Lindsey said...

Too funny about the two piece! Paige looks cute - and I'm sure you did too! At least y'all were in the backyard!

I can't wait to play with Kate outside/ in the pool next year!