Monday, May 17, 2010

Belly shot and new toys

I know it is funny to take a belly shot at 11 weeks, but I feel so freaking big! I know it is because I have been eating 24/7 to keep my nausea at bay, but that is the price you pay : ) Please excuse the gym clothes. I have been feeling good enough to work out again, so that is nice. It feels good to be in the gym.
Can't you see the little bump? Or maybe it is all in my head!
This is just a chunk shot for sure : ) Damn you, donuts and sonic!!

Oh - and you have to love the un-made bed. I'd say that this is only because I nap during the day when Paige naps to due my pregnancy, but too many people who come over to my house read this blog. My bed is never made. Custom silk bedding lays on the chair next to the bed.

Excited about her new toy!

She loves this thing. It shoots little plastic balls up, then then the go around and go back in, then shoot back out (horrid description - sorry).
So fun, momma!
We got this as a birthday present, but it uses 'D' batteries. I kept forgetting to go out and get them. When I finally got them, I wished that I had done it sooner! This toy keeps her occupied for 30 minutes at a time! That is a lot for a one-year old.


Callie said...

Its amazing how quickly the baby bump shows up the second time around. I felt huge by 15 But then again I ended up with an almost 10 I will keep my fingers crossed that your new guy (or girl) isnt quite so large! :) P.S. you are harboring a baby...donuts and sonic are totally acceptable!! :) Hope your feeling well!

Jill said...

Your bump is adorable! And I can't believe that you have enough energy to work out -- good for you!

Paige looks so cute with her new toy! Ava has the same one and used to LOVE it! We actually just recently put it away because she wasn't really playing with it anymore.

Lindsey said...

You look so cute! And, I am jealous of your tiny thighs - mine are starting to get way too big for my liking!!

Jennifer said...

You look great! Haha, my bed is never made either. And Andrew goes NUTS for that ball popper toy lately too! He grabs the balls as they come up and throws them, and I try to get them back in fast enough to keep it going. LOL