Friday, May 28, 2010

To me, summer means...

Summer used to mean: trips to the lake, club specials by the pool (putting them on my dad's tab, of course!), cute new bikinis, fun trips to Dallas on the weekends...

Now it means - shamoo baby pool for Paige and her friends!
Ava (my sweet niece) was the queen bee of the pool.
Paige and Ethan

I'm ghetto and brought all of Paige's bath toys out instead of buying pool toys. Hey - the kids had a blast!!
Paige did more crawling all over the backyard than actually sitting in the pool. But she had so much fun. I'm glad we got this. I have a feeling we will be spending many a sunny day out here! I was so focused on applying and re-applying sunscreen on miss Paige that I forgot to put it on myself! I am fried!! I'll be smarter next time.

Summer also means fun tank tops and pig tails!
It means time on the patio in our own special chair!
My mom got this for Paige for her birthday and even painted it : ) She is so cute.

Summer also means crop tops for men on motorcycles. David and I were DYING when we saw this. I had to take a picture!

I hope you enjoy YOUR summer kick-off!!


Lindsey said...

I am dying laughing with that last picture! Hilarious! I'm going to assume he was just super hot and was trying to cool off!

And, I love seeing another momma that puts her little girl in a one piece! Kate won't be in a bikini for a LONG time!

Callie said...

Its amazing how much everything in your world changes when you have kids.
My summers now include two (no make that three) sweaty, stinky, but oh so sweet boys that I love so much... even when they are sweaty and stinky! lol