Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big sister photo shoot

I need a drink before I can digest this huge news!

WHAT?!? I don't have to share any of my toys, right?
And I won't be sharing my Elmo book.

The only shot I could semi get of the shirt.
I'm such a big girl and going to be the best big sister!!
This is MY chair.

I plan on talking to the pediatrician at Paige's 15 month well-child visit on anything we can do to help prepare her. I suspect that she is too young to understand at all, and we will just have to jump in the deep end and learn as we go. My hope is that Paige will never remember a time being the only child, so it will be a natural transition.

We shall see! 2011 will be an interesting year in our house, for sure!!

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