Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pregnancy week: 10

Everything was great at my first prenatal appointment.

BP: 110/60
Weight gain: none yet

We got our plan for the pregnancy - ultrasound schedule, etc. It was strange to be back there. It had been a year. I actually forgot what floor to go to. It was nice to see all the nurses, although they were sad I didn't bring Paige. I am sure in the 6-7 months I will be going there, she will make an appearance!

Something I love about being pregnant again: I felt no guilt when I hired back my housecleaner! I was so exhausted taking care of Paige all day and trying to keep up with the housework. Let alone dealing with normal first-tri exhaustion! David thought about arguing with me about it, I could tell - but he quickly realized that was a battle he would not win!

Paige is great...she has a precious 'big sister' shirt that I need to try and get some cute pics of her in. She is going to love being a big sister!

Food cravings: Not really. I just have to eat all.the.time. I keep goldfish with me in the car, and a bag of popcorn by my bed. When I feel sick, I just eat a little, and that normally helps me feel better. I have felt a lot worse this time than I did with Paige. But other than that, no real cravings.

Some funny things about food: if you know me well, you know I LOVE hamburgers and french fries. I haven't touched it since I found out I was pregnant (MARCH!) It just sounds awful to me. The other thing I can't go near is ice cream. Yuck!!

I already have a belly, and the OB even told me my uterus is already popping out! Yikes! I'll get some pics in the next few weeks. I feel too silly taking a 10 week picture! Maybe by week 12.

Yes, I ordered a Doppler again. Did you expect anything else? If you followed my blog during my pregnancy with Paige, you certainly won't be surprised : )

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The Frasiers said...

Is the Doppler the heartbeat machine??? OMG!!! OF COURSE YOU DID! ha!