Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Mom - get this guy off me!

The boys are noticing each other more and more these days.
They love to get on their stomachs and look at each other. Cute stuff.

They don't call me Happy Jack for nothing!

They don't call me Fat Jack for nothing.

I decided to try Jack on some mushed up banana. He was fine with it, but I'm not going to make it a part of our routine just yet. Maybe another month or so. And Braley is definitely not ready.

Paige was pissed that someone was sitting in her high chair being fed. But she is going to have to get used to it! I'm sure has heck not going to buy another one of those ugly pieces of crap. We have a space saver chair and a high chair, and that is going to have to work for our 3 kids. Paige SHOULD be able to sit at the table here pretty soon.

Now that Paige is two (as of Saturday...sniff sniff...) I really feel like it is time to take the bottle away. Naps are fine. Bed time is another story. She refuses to drink milk unless it comes from a bottle. And she doesn't even like to hold it. She likes to get in her rocking chair and have us hold it and feed it to her, like a baby. Now I love cuddling with my baby girl, don't get me wrong. And we are fine with rocking her at night to help her unwind before she gets in bed. But we need to stop the bottle business.

I can't put her in her crib and listen to her cry for her "malk". For a few reasons: one - I have never been a fan of "crying it out." It just isn't for me. Two - I have two 5 month old boys in the next room. I have a hard enough time getting Jack down for the night without a screaming 2 year old interfering with that process. So we always give in and give her one. I'd be willing to listen to any suggestions on how to do this.


Dre said...

First. Oh my. Those boys are too deliciously cute!

Second. The bottle. My youngest turns 2 in June. We JUST got him off the bottle (and he wanted it fed to him like a baby too), but only because we went to Disney for a week, and he was so off his schedule and tired he didn't notice that we "forgot" to give him his bottle. He has asked a couple of times since we have been back. But I just tell him no, or give him a few sips of water from a cup.

Now for bed, we all sit on the couch upstairs and read some books, then I rock him in his room while it is dark, singing a little. I lay him down, then I sit in the hallway between his room and his big brother's and read my nook (e-book) in the dark hallway, making shussh noises if he starts to whimper, and reassuring him that I am around. It seems to be working.

Sarah said...

THe best suggestion I can give you is to give her a bottle, but only put water in it. That will usually help the bottle lose its appeal.
In all honesty, it probably won't be as big of a deal as you think. Right before my daughter turned two I decided it was time to get rid of the pacifier. So one day, I said "no more" and it literally was an issue for about 10 minutes. That was it. The next day, she asked me about it, but no screaming fits over it.
I would also offer her a new stuffed animal or doll to snuggle with in place of the bottle...something to give her comfort.
And I'm only offering suggestions because you asked...not because I'm a know-it-all. FAR from it! Ha! We mommies just do the best we can, right?

Jamie Dearle said...

When we took Hads nap time and morning bottle away, we did it over 2 weeks... It was 8 ounces for 2-3 days, then 6, then 4, then 2, and then none... By the time we got to none she had no problem giving it up. I have heard water is a good substitute as well, but this worked for us. We hope it works as well for her nighttime bottle this summer! :)
Good luck!