Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today is the day!

We celebrate my little lady bug turning 2.

It blows my mind that this time last year, Paige was just turning 1. She wasn't walking or talking, she was terrified of strangers, barely able to feed herself. Now, I have this chatty, brave little girl. She talks in full sentences, uses a spoon and fork, climbs the stairs all by herself (walking - not crawling up). She is amazing.

Paige is blessed to have several people in her life who want to celebrate with her. All her little friends are coming, and all her "aunts" and "uncles" who walked with us for 2 years trying to get pregnant. We had a lot of support, and now everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful little girl who came out of that struggle.

I was also newly pregnant with twins this time last year.

And completely unaware that I could fall in love with two more children all over again.

Life is good today : )

Callie is taking pictures of the party, as well as her 2 year pictures earlier this afternoon. She is very talented and I'll be excited to share!

Have a great weekend, friends!


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Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to Paige! I can't wait to see lots of pictures!!!!