Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Been MIA

I've been MIA. I am in a little bit of a funk - can't really explain it. Maybe having something to do with the fact that my babies will be babies no more in 8 days? And then Braley getting sick, which I'll get in to below...well that has done nothing to help my spirits.

I'll start with Halloween! Trick or treating was fun, but David had to work, so he missed it. That made both of us upset, and it was very stressful for me - to say the least.

Little bubber cub loved trying to get into the candy!


The weather has been hit or miss here, one day it is beautiful and we can play outside, then the next it is cold and raining. Certainly could be contributing to my funk.

We had fun at the OU game on Saturday, then family pictures were Sunday! A little preview of one of my little buddies: : )

The kids (and hubby!) were extremely well behaved for our pictures. It really could not have gone better! I CAN NOT WAIT to get them back! It was a perfect day, our location was gorgeous - a perfect fall photo shoot.

But the littlest of my loves (Braley bub) started getting sick and it has gotten worse and worse. All the kids (and me!) have had some congestion, but nothing too bad. But poor Braley seems to always get the worst of it.

I went out today and stocked up on any and all products I could find to help combat colds and congestion.
The main problem was fever and the fact that I couldn't suction out his nose fast enough and he kept swallowing the congestions (gross, sorry) - and vomiting non-stop. He slept on an off all day. Around 11, I went in and got him from his crib to find that he had vomited, yet again, and I could tell it was mucous-y and green, so I decided it was time to see the doctor.

Little man couldn't even lift his head at this point : (

And it was all he could do to even keep his eyes open.

Love our pediatrician so much - she was so sweet and just very concerned about this sweet guy. He was dehydrated and that was making him even sicker - she saw him dry heave several times. And I told her that he had been doing that all day, so she knew this was something we had to correct before it got serious. We did pedialite, and he took it very well!

It still took him about an hour of being lethargic and not being able to stay awake, but once that got in his system, it was like flipping a switch! It was nuts! He fought to get out of my arms, crawled up to Jack's highchair and started eating his food!

Then a little eucalyptus bath helped even more.

I struggle with watching my kids be sick. I know that I am lucky that this is the most major thing we deal with, but it is difficult for me. I had David come home from work and my mom come over because I just get so stressed and upset. And, I have 2 other children who need love, attention, and to be taken care of. I am blessed with people in my life who love to help me care for my kids. And David is a great dad who worries right there with me and doesn't make me feel like I am paranoid or crazy for being so upset.

All 3 little loves are sleeping and David is fetching me some Sonic right now, so things are looking up : )

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Tiffany said...

I hope your little guy is feeling better! Bless his sweet heart :(