Monday, November 21, 2011

New schedule for the boys! Long post...

Cold and rainy today! Not what I was hoping going in to a full week of Paige being out of MDO. We made it to the gym and grocery, and I got the crazy idea of trying 1 nap a day for the twins.

Brilliant. Genius. Best idea I have ever had. Seriously.

The boys had seemed not ready to go to bed lately, even at 8 PM. Their morning nap was extending longer and longer, then they weren't wanting to take an afternoon nap until 3 or later, making them not ready for bedtime. So I decided to give it a whirl, and our day went like this:

Wake: 8, breakfast straight away
Gym: 9-10
Straight to grocery
Lunch: 11:15
Nap for all 3: 12 - 3!!!! It was wonderful! For all involved. The kids all woke up in great spirits.
Bottle of milk for the boys: 3:30
Dinner for all 3: 5:15
Baths: 7
Bottles for the twins: 7:30
Bed for all 3: 8 (and when I say 8, I mean they were all in bed fast asleep at 8. Perfect).

I am loving this schedule. My mom had planned Thanksgiving dinner to be at 5 PM to accommodate the twins' schedule. But I called her today and was excited to tell her we could do it earlier now : ) It's the little things...

We were running late this morning to get to the gym, so all three kids showed up in their PJs. And we kept them on all day.

I love a boy who is man enough to play with a stroller. I hope he makes a good daddy some day : )

And also a man who can cook!

Paige loves to RUN! She has me say, "read, set, GO!" and she takes off back and forth in the playroom.

Have I mentioned on here that Paige is potty trained? Yipee! It was pretty easy, to tell you the truth. We decided at 2.5, it was time (for Paige - I know that every kid is different - some are ready at 2, some not until 3, some later than that). So we put her in panties, kept her drinking a lot of water, and put her on the potty every 30 minutes or so. She took to it right away. In less than a week, I am happy to say she only wears a pull-up at night. Even a trip to the gym, grocery store (gone from 8:30-11) she had no accidents! We are struggling with #2, but everyone assures me that comes in time. I am so proud of my big girl!

Jack and Braley have their 1 year check tomorrow morning. David is coming to help me and I have someone watching Paige, so this will be one of the least stressful pediatrician visits I have had in quite some time!

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jenhill17 said...

congrats on the potty training! what an accomplishment!
Did the boys go down in their ounces when they switched from formula to milk for their feediings? Do they get milk at breakfast, after PM nap and bedtime? I'm working on the transition to milk and wondering how/if I should incorporate the milk w/ meals or do them separately, and the switch from bottles to sippy cups, that is HARD! so not there yet !

If u want email me your response, may be easier :)