Friday, November 25, 2011


Well I sure did wake up Thanksgiving morning feeling silly about my pity party from the night before.

What a wonderful gift, to be the mother of these children.

Paige is in the phase of acting like she is various animals. And she names herself, too. But most of the time, she says things like, "I am a dog. My name is dog. I say ruff ruff!"

Thanksgiving day was wonderful! We slept in, I got to go for a nice, long run outside (sans strollers!), kiddos napped, then we headed over to mom and dad's!

My niece, Ava, always puts Paige in the BEST mood.

And my cousins came up (Jordan is at UT in Austin and Colin is a junior in HS in Dallas) with my aunt and uncle.

Paige, being a dog again.

Ack! Love him!!

Big, sweet boy!

Paige wore her red boots to dinner. She loves them!

My mom did a great jog setting the table. And she made a kids table, but my brother and his family had another meal to go to, so they didn't get here until later. Paige sat alone, but she seemed to do just fine : )

It was chilly today, but we still went out for some fresh air.

Jack and Braley are changing every single day. I know that sounds cliche, but it really is happening right now. They are still very much babies, but I see personality coming out. They are wonderful, and I truly can't imagine life without them here! I don't remember what it is like to just have 1 child. We are blessed.

Sassy thing found a pair of my high heels before we left for Thanksgiving dinner. David and I were worried she was going to roll her ankle! But she was a pro.

Sigh. What an amazing gift, being a parent is. I am thankful.

And one mom got Paige her first pair of 3T jammies. Enjoy every second, mommas. It goes fast.

Today, I got to go for another long run, we got our tree, decorated for Christmas, and went to dinner just the 5 of us. We have the OU game tomorrow, a birthday party for a sweet 1 year old, and family day Sunday.

Hope everyone had a great day with family and great food!

Boomer Sooner!!

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cryercutie said...

So sweet! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving :). The boys are getting so "toddler" like and they are absolutely adorable!!!