Friday, November 18, 2011

I hate titling blog posts.

Jack and Braley had zero appetite when they were sick. I hated it so much. Braley is such a little peanut and I felt him getting smaller and smaller. But they sure are making up for lost time! They are loving eating anything and everything. Paige and I came back from the store today, and I opened up a carton of blueberries, and the three of them ate the entire thing in about 5 minutes.

My big eaters!

Fun weekend planned here. Paige and I went to the gym and lunch with friends today, and David and I are going on a little date night today. And tomorrow, we are having several friends/neighbors over to watch the OU/Baylor game.

There was almost a beatdown at Paige's MDO yesterday. I overheard a woman (dressed head to toe on OSU cowboy gear) saying that she and her husband were getting each other national championship tickets for Christmas. I called David when I got in the car and went off! "Do they not realize they still have to play OU? And what happens MOST years when they play OU? " LOL - I am a little on edge about the whole situation with my Sooners. Really hoping for a victory tomorrow against Baylor, next week against ISU, then the big showdown in Stillwater. BOOMER!!

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