Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A random 1 year post

Jack and Braley are 1 today. What a blessed day, indeed. Not to mention, I caught every green light on my way home from taking Paige to school.

My big one year old boys, in new jammies from Aunt Brookie:

And a lil' preview of big man in his birthday hat ; )

We celebrated birthday-eve with a trip to Target. So we didn't have to buy diapers and are 100% off formula, yet I still spend $125 + at the grocery. Dang natural/organic foods!

We also got a little crazy yesterday - the fridge repair man was here (and is still not fixed. FML.) so we brought the highchairs in the twins room and ate in there.

I am also on a weightloss kick. Yay me!

And I had to snap one last photo of BABIES! : (

Jack at 1 year:
Diaper = size 4 clothes = 12-18 months
Favorite foods = cheese, yogurt, bananas, cheerios, sweet peas, chicken, grapes, blueberries, banana puffs, goldfish, loves milk and water
*biggest mommas boy. He follows me around the house, loses his mind when I leave a room, or when a babysitter shows up - watch out! Big boy throws his head back and CRIES!
*seconds away from walking. He is all over the place and can crawl to the top of the stairs within a few minutes.
*says mama and dada to the appropriate parent
*when we wants something, he yells, "nanananananana!" It is pretty funny
*He has also started expressing displeasure by kicking. Good times.
*Excellent eater.
*Happiest baby I have ever seen.

Braley at 1 year:
Diaper = 4, but could easily wear 3s. He is tiny.
Clothes = 12-18 months, but again, could easily fit in 6-12. I just like to keep then in the same size, at least for now.
Favorite foods = any fruit and veggie pouch by Happy.Tot, cheerios, turkey, cheese, grapes, mac n cheese, all veggies pretty much, black beans, waffles, likes water, but really not in to milk.
*He is finally pulling up to stand. God love him.
*Still doing the army crawl. It is really cute. He is always pulling up the rear when the kids take off for somewhere.
*Snuggles like no baby has ever snuggled before. So adorable - he sucks his thumb and loves to just lay on your chest.
*Sensitive, smart, inquisitive. He loves to wave, clap, and his favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider.
*By far the most sensitive/high maintenance of my 3 kids. He is a special little boy. And man alive - does he ever love his momma! : )

I can't imagine how I got chosen to be the mother of these amazing little boys.

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Pam said...

Happy Birthday Jack and Braley, two handsome little boys! I have been reading your blog for a while, not sure how I came upon it, but you have a beautiful family and are doing and excellent job rearing them. You know how fast time goes by so just enjoy every minute......I have grown children and we are expecting our first grandchild, girl, in February. We can't wait! Thank you for sharing....a friend in East Texas, Pam.