Friday, December 2, 2011

Hats and playdates

I realize that I have continued to be a big slacker in the blogging department. I am still in a funk, a few things have happened in my life that have made me feel this way. But we had a fun playdate today and have a great weekend planned, so - here I am : )

Bwaley doesn't like his hat : (

Yackers does!!!

I love him!! I love him!!! Ack!!!

Fighting over the remote...

What happens when Bwaley loses the fight...

Big boy! His smile easily gets me in the holiday spirit.

Lately, when Braley gets frustrated, he lays his little head down and stays there.

Two old friends of mine came over today with their kids. It was a full house! Paige loves her buddy, Sam!

Braley and Miller doing a little cooking for the group.

Sweet Braley.

We had a little picnic, since the highchairs and kitchen table were FULL!

A sweet embrace to say goodbye.

We have a birthday party happy hour to attend tonight, followed by an office Christmas party. Then tomorrow, we are leaving at noon for Stillwater for BEDLAM!! BOOMER! It is going to be COLD, but I will bundle up, get my hot chocolate, and pray for a sooner victory. I'm really excited. And then Sunday, a I am having a baby shower for a sweet friend of mine who is expecting twins! After IVF! Along those lines, I have another friend who has found success after infertility and is expecting twins early this summer. : )

Have a great weekend, friends!

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