Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cowboys and some random!

My grandparents are from Texas and are bound and determined to turn my little men into cowboys! They brought them back denim shirts with pearl buttons from their last trip to the rodeo!

I feel like I have eleven million pics of this big boy just cheesing it up for the camera. But I love every single one of them! Nothing beats looking at this awesome face. He is so full of joy and you can't help but feel happy when you are around him. He is something special.

And sweet Braley. Bless him - he is just a momma's boy with some curly/hippy hair! LOL! He has this face that can melt your heart in a second. And I know every parent thinks this, but he is truly the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life.

Love this goofy girl! She is doing well these days. Going potty, only in pull-ups at night (and half the time, her pull-up is bone dry in the morning), sitting at the table, having in-depth conversations with us...

I can not wait to celebrate Christmas with her this year!

It is hard to fully understand the craziness that is Braley's hair. Even this pic doesn't do it justice.

Braley has 9 teeth and is working on 10 and 11. Insane. INSANE! We need a break!!

A little update on the boys:
they are both saying mama and dadda, both clapping and waving, playing peek-a-boo, reaching for things they want, and eating a diverse and healthy diet. Just waiting for big man Jack to take his first real steps! I know Braley is months away from that, but Jack should be literally any minute! I never stop being thankful for the health of my kids.

Busy busy around here! Last night, David and I had couple's game night. Tonight, Paige and I are going to a girl's Christmas party. I am thankful for the companionships I have made in my adult life, and can't wait to celebrate the holidays with us girls (and a few little boys!) : )

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