Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend recap

We had "very little plans" this weekend, so I thought it would be relaxing. Umm - not happening in a family of 5!

Friday, my mom had a little procedure done (she is totally fine) and needed to sleep all evening, so my dad met us for dinner. The boys are actually doing really well at restaurants right now because they love to eat! They love feeding themselves and even if they fuss, they are very content to sit in our laps and bang on the table. We obvs have to go to kid-friendly places, but that is fine and we make it work! But yes, it is tiring.

Saturday, David ran 16 miles (he is marathon training, running in Austin in February) and then I ran 6! I felt like a slacker compared to him but that was good for me : ) We had our friends/neighbors come up for pizza that evening. We gave ALL the kids a bath (pics below!). And yes, that was tiring.

Today, David played a little golf and we had our huge family Christmas party from my dad's side. 50 people all playing one big game of crazy santa. 2 boys who hate being in loud places with lots of people. 2 boys who skipped their afternoon nap. It was fun catching up with my cousins I don't get to see that often, and I won a $25 gift card to Cheesecake Factory! But very, very tiring.

We are now home relaxing, all the wee ones are sleeping, I've got chips and salsa out, and the Thunder are back on TV : ) Great life : )

I feel like Jack knows he can walk, he just doesn't want to. He is hell-bent on crawling everywhere just to annoy me, I think : ) We are starting Gymboree in January, and I think (if he isn't already) that will push him to really do it.

Bath time is hectic and very stressful if I am alone, but for the most part, it is one of my favorite parts of the day. These 3 LOVE the bath. Our routine is - David gets it started while I lay out towels, jammies, get the boys cribs ready, night light on, fill the humidifier, etc., and all while this is going on, I get to hear my children giggling, splashing, playing with each other, and hear their daddy talk to them, blow bubbles, count, teach body parts, play with letters - melts my heart every single night!

Precious baby Samuel (our neighbors baby)! I love love love getting to hold this little guy! He is a snuggle bug if I ever saw one! And I seriously love his mommy, daddy, and big sister. We are blessed to have made some great friends in our neighbors.

Their sweet girl, Bailey! Paige, Bailey, Jack, and Braley all got in my tub on Saturday night! It was crazy! My bathroom was a mess, everyone was up late - but you know what...that is what life is all about! Little moments with family and friends.

The week before Christmas should be pretty low-key here. I have a few gifts left to get. My 19 year old cousin, David's 8th grade sister (ugggh - she is tough. She changes things she likes every 30 seconds or so...), and both of my nieces. So I'll be dragging the kids out with me to the stores. Wish me luck!!

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Jenniemarie111 said...

We have a 13 month old son who has no interest in walking. He pulls up on everything, holds onto furniture on cruises but refuses to walk unassisted. I have been obsessing over it for a while and it doesn't help that it seems all of his friends started walking before 12 months. Anyways we started taking him to gymboree at the beginning of December and met other babies his age not walking. Gymboree is amazing, he has so much fun there and the teachers are great with developmental activities. Good luck to u.