Monday, December 5, 2011

Bedlam blues/Christmas party

First, I'll start with a preview of the boys' birthday party pics! I should be getting them all this week (yay!!), but for now...

Friday, we had a fun happy hour and Christmas party. Then Saturday, we headed to Stillwater for a fun afternoon and to watch my beloved Sooners get whooped in Bedlam. We had a big group and everyone had fun, despite the bitter cold and even more bitter loss.

And unfortunately, several Oklahoma State students were injured when storming the field after the win. I hope college students learn that running on the field after a victory is dangerous and stupid. Praying everyone makes a full recovery.

Sunday, I had a baby shower for a good friend of mine who is expecting twin girls in a few months. It was fun to have some girl time and the sweet momma-to-be got some great stuff!

Today, we had Paige's Christmas party at her school. (you might notice, we only have lights under our tree and no presents. Too tempting for curious/busy 1 year-old boys for anything else)


Paige made me a precious little ornament. I will treasure it forever!

Sweet friends make Christmas special. Paige is blessed!

That's about it! Bundle up in the 405! It is COLD!!!!!!

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