Monday, December 12, 2011

Graduation weekend and randoms

David's parents came in town to help us celebrate his graduation from graduate school! I could not be more proud. I can't imagine how I am going to feel when I see my kids excel! Sheesh!

We kicked off the weekend with dinner with friends at a restaurant (yes, with all the kids!), but I was trying to get the house picked up and needed them out of my hair before we left. Big spoons and bowls = did the trick!

Random iPhone photos below:

We also decided to break out the Christmas jammies!! : )

The graduation was lovely! I am thankful that we got to spend the weekend with David's parents. They are wonderful people and I couldn't ask for better in-laws.

I love this man!
We got cocktails and appetizers right after the graduation, then a big steak dinner at our favorite restaurant in town that night.

Random here: but, I have been looking at ways to cut costs at the grocery store. Feeding my family of 5 is so, so expensive. I don't want to sacrifice quality for cost, since we can afford it - but it would be nice if I could get my $150+ MULTIPLE times a week down a bit.

A friend of mine suggested buying frozen blueberries, since a carton of fresh is $4.50 or more, and a huge bag of frozen, which would last me weeks, is only $8.

I tried it, and everyone loved them just the same, but they are MESSY!! No more! I will suck it up and keep buying the fresh.

If anyone has any cost-cutting strategies (besides extreme couponin), let me know!

Switching gears here:

David's amazing boss and his wife have been bugging us to watch the kids for a while now! They have 2 young girls who love playing with them, so we finally decided to let them! David felt a little strange thinking his boss, who is a VP at the company, might be wiping up his babies poop...but hey...they offered!! ; ) We went Christmas shopping and went to a dinner date at 501. It was awesome and we were so thankful!

They sent us these pics to let us know everyone was doing great!

BUSY week here! I am getting my hair done tomorrow night, we have a couple's Christmas party Wednesday night, then I have a girl's Christmas wine night on Thursday!

Have a great week!!

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