Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Braley news

I have some news about Braley and his speech issues, but first - how are we surviving in this heat?

Thank goodness for school!  Miss thing in her "Dora pony."  Don't even ask.  Dora has a short, black bob.  But Paige asks for a Dora pony, and by that, she means a long, blonde, side pony.  She also likes Dora braids, which means a pony with a braid.  Or Dora piggies.  Which means piggies tied in small buns.  Who knows how a 3 year old's brain works!

We can tolerate being in the water table only if it is in the shade, and for about 20 minutes at a time.

Now, on to Braley.  Today, I was asking him where body parts were (he has mastered nose, eyes, ears, hands, knees, toes, belly, fingers) then I asked him where his elbow was, and he pointed to his elbow (a new one! yay!) and said "elbow" clear as day.  I looked at David and his mouth was just dropped open.    So I asked again, and he again, said, "elbow."  This is HUGE for Braley.  He has never been one to repeat.  As a baby, I would say, bababa or any other consonant babbling noise, and Jack would repeat it back, but Braley rarely, if ever did.  It was always on my mind that he didn't do that.

So I tested him some more.  I said, Braley, can you say, mama?  He got a huge grin on his face, pointed to me, and said, "mama."  Cue, mommy and daddy tears.  Could it be that things are finally starting to click with him?

Make no mistake, he still isn't talking unprompted.  Like, when Jack finishes his meal, he holds up his plate, looks at me and says, "all done! Down!"  He isn't there.  Not even close.  He is no where near where he needs to be at 19 months.  I understand that.

Thankfully, we have a friend who is a speech/language expert and has many many years experience in the field.  She has graciously offered to come over and observe him in his own house for a bit next week and offer us her insight.  

But I really do feel in my heart that he is on the right track.  He does things in his own time, always has.


Kelly said...

I can only imagine how happy that made you!
We are going to be in the 100s this weekend :(

Abby said...

aww! I'm teary for you and your sweet Braley :) The "mama" got me :)

Pam said...

That is wonderful....I remember when my oldest was about 18 months old, he's 30 now! He seemed to be slow in the language department, but he was my first. My friend had a little girl a couple of months older and she was talking and singing and just way above where my little one was and it did concern me, but in time he caught on and caught up, ended up being very intelligent, graduated in the top 10 in his class and has grown up to be a wonderful young man and husband.....hopefully father one day! I'm susre Braley will be the same way, I wish I would be able to find out 30 years from now how what he's is wonderful! Well we never stop worrying about our children in one way or another! Thank you for sharing your story, you have a beautiful family and have been so blessed! A friend in East Texas...surviving this heat! Pam