Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our turtle friend

Paige's favorite book right now is the Littlest Turtle.  I think she got it in a party favor bag at a birthday party.  But she carries it around with her.  We actually left it in the grocery store the other day, and had to truck it back up there because she was about to lose her religion over it.  

She was SO excited when she heard David casually tell me that there was a turtle on the back deck.  "TURTLE!  WHERE!  I want to see the turtle! TURTLE! TURTLE!"  This was in the evening, so it had cooled off, and I guess the little guy was out for a stroll.  David says he normally sees him hanging out on the side of our house when he mows.  

And yes, she even has her turtle book in her hand.  

He was a feisty little thing!  We had to keep grabbing her hands because she wanted to pick him up and I don't think he would have reacted favorably to that.

I asked Paige, "what do you think his name is?"  She said, "turtle."  Creative.

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Sally said...

That is adorable!