Sunday, July 1, 2012

sunday night blues

Why, oh why must the weekends fly by so quickly?  I hate that it is already Sunday evening, and my beloved will be back in the office at 7 AM tomorrow.  : (  

We did have a great weekend, though!  Lots of swimming, family time, movies on the couch with David, and even a date night at our favorite restaurant in town.

So Braley is talking more and more every day.  It is almost making me laugh, as I KNEW this would happen, it was just hard for me to picture.  If I hold up a phone or camera to him (happens several times a day, if you can't tell), he says, "CHEEEEESE!"  lol!  

He also goes to the window if he hears the sound of someone doing yard work and says, "mow!"  Other words he is saying unprompted and on a regular basis are no, ball, bath, uh oh, hello, and mama. To say that I am proud is just a huge understatement and doesn't do my feelings justice.  I am quite certain he will be caught up to Jack and what is considered "normal" by his second birthday this fall.

Why do I love naked babies so much?

We went to the pool Friday night and this afternoon.

Dinner, baths, and early bedtime for the kiddos!  Capped off a great weekend!  And thankfully, this is a holiday week, and we have big plans for the 4th : )

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