Monday, July 2, 2012

hanging outside

Today having a high of 93 meant we could play outside at 5 PM without feeling like we are going to die.  You know how live in a heat dome when a high of 93 means it feels cool out ; )

We headed down to our sweet neighbors house after naps (and yes, this was after a morning at the splash park!  My kids lead a charmed life) to play in the baby pool.

And they say good help is hard to come by.

A cocktail at 5 PM on a Monday?  Why not?!

Then after dinner, it was so nice out, the kids and I went outside to water all the flowers and play with some mud.


Then Paige went in to spend a little quality time with daddy, and the boys and I went back and played in a cooler.

Too bad this cool streak will probably be gone tomorrow!  But we sure did enjoy ourselves today.

See below for our fun morning at the splash park!

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