Monday, July 16, 2012

A week?

A whole week went by and I didn't document the kids' lives on the blog!  I hate when I do that!  What can I say?  A 3 year old and 20 month old twins (today! omg!) who are absolutely all boy and wild men keep me on my toes.  But we had a nice week - school, a few trips to the pool, and a fun playdate!  

This weekend somehow became the weekend of birthday parties.  We were invited to 4 parties in one day - one in Edmond, one in Tulsa, and 2 in Yukon.  We couldn't make the Edmond or one of the Yukons, due to timing : (  

We got up early and headed to Tulsa for my precious niece, Ava's 4th birthday party.  4 years.  Wow.  It was Ava's conception that was so difficult for me, as David and I had been trying already for over a year with no success.  I told myself that no matter what, at least I knew that by the time that baby was born I would be pregnant.  I wasn't.  But when that baby was born, I didn't care about anything but how happy I was to be an aunt to this darling girl!  And then I got pregnant the next month, and our girls are 9 months apart! 

Sweet Stella!  Little butterball : )

After the party, Brooke and I and all the kids drove back to the city and the husbands stayed and played golf.  Thankfully the kids slept in the car!  We changed and headed to party #2!

Came home and everyone crashed out!

Sunday, we tried out a new church and liked it.  I, halfway joking, told David - we need to keep coming to this church if nothing else but an hour of free childcare ; )

We came home and napped and did a lot of playing the rest of the afternoon!

Made our weekly pilgrimage to Qdoba...  

And made a trip to the pool!

Sucking our thumb is hard in a puddle jumper.

Today, I decided to take Braley for a little trim.

Between his tiny, peanut frame, long, sweet curly hair, love a pink cat that he takes everywhere, and a name like Braley that could go either way...bless him...he gets mistaken for a girl on occasion.

The finished product.  They followed my instructions and only did a little trim.  We love his sweet curls.  It just needed a little tidying up ; )  And unlike this photo shows...he did great.  He was just mad here because he wanted my phone.

And last - my latest concoction for desserts for the kids.  They go NUTS for vanilla wafers, peanut butter, and a banana.  And I might or might not have polished a few of these off myself.

Have a good week, folks!

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