Thursday, July 26, 2012

half the week in iphone photos

This is the last week of summer school before a month off.   Insert panicked mom here!  I don't know how I am going to keep these kids occupied in this heat!  But I know we will manage.  I'm already planning on library story time, several play dates, and even thinking of joining the Y.

Monday, we went and fed the ducks.

Salt and vinegar chips, lol.  That was all I had!  Hope the ducks like them.

We have had great fun with a new surprise we got in the mail!  Thanks, Mele and Papa!

At 20 months, I think these boys are very talented : )

And Paige loves to paint.

I asked her what she painted, and she said, "an ocean!"

All of a sudden, Paige has started taking real care of her baby.  Meaning, she needs to eat regular meals, take naps, have her diaper changed.  She got upset in the car yesterday because we didn't have a car seat for her, and "but mommy, it's the LAW!  She has to buckle up for safety."  She settled on being okay that baby was in her lap and would be safe.  : /

Braley, who watches everything Paige does, has started taking care of baby too.  Patting her when she was trying to take her nap.

Then you have Jack, my bulldozer, all boy, tornado of destruction...yeah, he doesn't take care of baby.

But he does let his brother snuggle up on him from time to time.  Be still, my heart : )

I ran downstairs to put dinner in the oven, and came back up to them happily playing.  Together!  I find it annoying that when I am with them, organizing their play, doing the referee thing - they fight, wine, cry, battle for my attention.  But when I leave them alone, they do great together!  I'm guessing that is normal.

Braley is just the sweetest little guy.

And Paige has started co-sleeping in her baby's crib.

We did convince her to get in her own bed, but baby could sleep with her.  I love sneaking photos of the kids when they are sleeping.  Precious girl.

I am going to use my last day of summer school to go to the gym, pop in the grocery store, then come home and enjoy the silence!  I thought about going to lunch, or shopping, or something I really can't do with the kids.  But I think a few hours of peace and quiet is just what I want to do.

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