Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random picture dump

Finally, I drop the boys off at school and they walk in on their own with no tears!  It has taken 2 months, but they have the routine down!  yay!

Yes, this is Braley's favorite thing right now.  This pink cat.  Bless him.

Jack loves to turn the faucet on when I'm out watering.  Of course, I tell him not to.  And when he does, like any good mom, I grab my camera to document said undesirable behavior instead of redirecting him to something else. : /

Paige loves this baby and she is such a good mommy to her.  After school today, I came in and noticed that she had tucked her in Paige's bed, turned out the lights, closed the curtains, and turned the night light on.

Jack Jack came up and surprised us with a visit this morning!  LOVE living down the street from my sweet grandparents.

In non-kid news - I got my hair done yesterday.  The things women do to stay blonde...

Finished product : )  I am proud of myself for continuing to grow my hair this long.

Boo.  Too hot to do anything outside.  Who on earth would want to live here?? : (

Therefore, after school today, the kiddos and I were Klassy and went to the mall to play at the play area there.  Before you tell me how gross that place is - I was desperate!  We have worn our playroom out, too hot for the pool, too hot for water table gave us about an hour of entertainment and wore them out for an easy bedtime.  Win, win!

With daddy gone golfing for a few days, I feel zero guilt ordering pizza for dinner!

Braley is a fan.

After bath time fun with the reverse camera:

And my after the kiddos are down reward:

Love to everyone!! xoxo

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