Saturday, July 21, 2012


Luckily, I got a sitter to come over today for a while so I could get some pool/mani-pedi/girlfriend/dinner time in.  It has been a long few days with these kids while David is out of town!  I am thrilled to say that he gets home tomorrow.  He doesn't get in until 10 pm or so, but as long as he is here when I go to sleep, I'm good.  I don't sleep well while he is out of town.

Before I left this morning, the kids and I went out to water and get a little air.  It is brutally hot and by 9 am, it really is too hot for me to have them outside.  Even in the pool.  But we went out before breakfast just to run around a little.

I kind of think this little guy is cute : )  He has been doing so well lately.  Starting to communicate more and more.  Which means less frustration on both of our parts, which makes for a happy house.  I am proud of him.

Gorgeous boy!  I die for him!  Multiple times a day.

Stop with the cuteness, Jack!!

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