Monday, July 23, 2012

Park trip

We headed out early for a quick visit to the park this morning.  

Paige and Braley had so much fun together!  I think these two look exactly alike.  Which is funny, because I felt that Jack more resembled Paige at birth, and Braley was the odd one out.  But these two have identical faces if you ask me, the same curly hair, same mouths, exact same eye color (kind of a honey brown)...and they are both petite.  

Then we have Jack who is solid, blue eyes, slick straight hair...who knows.  Bless his heart though, he is all out of sorts today.  I'm pretty sure he is working on several teeth, including molars.  He isn't fussy, just pretty subdued (which is very unlike him!).  He went to sleep for the night at 6:30 last night and slept until 8 AM.  Then was asking for his blankie and night night by noon today and was out cold at 12:30.  I am not sure if a sickness is coming on or it is just teeth.  I think the latter.  I hope he feels better and has a good day at school tomorrow.

Braley on the other hand, has had a great morning so far and loved every minute of the park!

Same with Paige.

Thrilled that David is home and we are returning to some normal.

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