Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had the most amazing day yesterday.  I feel like I've said this before on here, but it was one of those days where I had to pinch myself a few times (not literally - just an expression!) wondering if I am really this lucky?  Are these 3 insanely gorgeous kids mine?  Is this wonderful man about whom I am crazy really my husband?

We hung around the house in the morning and David got some rest (he is nursing a pulled muscle).  After 3 hour naps for the trio (amazing), we went to oaktree to swim with friends, eat dinner, play outside, and watch the fireworks.  

Love them!  Braley ate everything that wasn't nailed to the ground.  He is by far the smallest of my kids, yet eats more.  By double at most meals.  Bless him.

They had a huge bounce house and slide, and let me tell you, my back is sore because Jack had me trucking up there with him over and over again.

So happy.

The only time (besides dinner - that is always chaotic) that the boys fussed and I was stressed was when we were trying to get them to leave the bounce house.  Jack just freaked the F out and kept turing around and sprinting back over to it.  However, one of our friends has a golf cart and once the boys learned they could play in there, all was fine.

I die for this face.

We had come straight from the pool over to the clubhouse, so we changed the kids clothes right there at the pool.  I heard David tell the boys, "sorry y'all look like dorks.  Not sure why mommy picked these outfits."  Ha!  He wasn't digging the matching smocked outfits on boys. : )  To tell you the truth, it is not my normal personal style for the kids.  However, on a special occasion, I just had to!  And by the end of the night, after we had gotten eleven billion compliments on them, he said that he was warming up to them and they actually looked pretty cute.  And could I order some more from the same place?  Um, don't have to ask me twice ; )

Paige just had the time of her life yesterday.  And homegirl is still asleep at 9 AM today, thankfully!

Braley was about 10 feet away down a hill, and I said, Braley, go give Jack a hug!  He trucked right up that hill as fast as his little legs would take him and gave his brother the sweetest embrace.  I love them!

So, so happy and in love : )

Taking our spot and having a quick snack before fireworks start.

These pics crack me up, because Paige kept covering her ears, then smiling and yelling for more.

Braley politely applauded after every single one went off.   Jack said, "yay!"  And "boom!"  It was just an awesome time, so great seeing these things through the kids eyes.  What a blessing they are.

Happy and proud to live in America, and thankful for family and friends to celebrate life with!

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cryercutie said...

They look precious and way too grown up ;)!! Glad you guys had a wonderful 4th of July!