Monday, January 26, 2009

A brief break from crazy

Let the countdown of the Mondays begin! My last day of work is going to be Friday, April 24th, which puts me at 12 more Mondays to go (this is assuming all goes well with the pregnancy, which I am anticipating!). Only 12 more. When I look at the “days to go” in the pregnancy, it makes me feel like I will never get there. 90 some odd days seems like way too many. But only 12 more Mondays.

I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my little girl. For my sanity, and to keep up the lifestyle that we have become accustomed to, I will find a part-time job when the summer is over. But this is my choice, so I know I am so lucky to even be able to make it.

In baby news – I had a major breakthrough yesterday: I didn’t use the Doppler one time. And I didn’t use it this morning before I left for work. There was so much movement on Saturday and Sunday, I just didn’t really feel like I needed to. Big movements too – like rolls and changing of positions – not just kicks and punches. I think I have a little gymnast cooking in there. Before you think I am healed from my insanity…I don’t plan on sending the Doppler back. I am quite certain last week was not the last time I am going to panic about my baby. So Doppler, which I affectionately refer to as baby tracker ’09, is staying with me until the safe arrival of baby girl Paige.

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Our Path to Parenthood said...

I do the same thing - only 7 more weeks to full term and 10 till we hit 40 weeks. But then I see I have 70 days left or 2 months and some change and it seems so far!