Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New You

I am getting sick of hearing this. I get emails about it constantly at work. What was wrong with the old me? Sure, I eat too many processed foods (just eat too much in general), hog the remote, can be a brat when I don’t get my way…okay – maybe there is some room for improvement : )

I have thought long and hard about a New Year’s resolution I can do. I don’t normally do them, seeing as people don’t really stick with them. But I’d like to make a positive change this year. The things I am considering:

1. Be more diligent about folding laundry right after I wash it
2. Stop putting off getting highlights, and actually do them every six weeks like I always say I will
3. Find new recipes and cook dinner more often
4. Eat dinner at the dinner table

These would all be very positive changes. These things are certainly not earth-shattering with real significance, but small steps that just might make for a happier, more peaceful life.

I’ll start small, and by the end of the year, maybe these will just be habits of mine!

We had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. Shopping, sitting at the spa, body treatments, eating…just perfect! But I, the camera fanatic, didn’t take many pictures! We have just been so many times, that the sites aren’t spectacular to me anymore, so it never dawns on me to whip out my camera and document the moment. But always when I get home, I wish I had! Oh well – use your imagination.

I had not one, but two random strangers make comments about me being pregnant. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It was so much fun!

Next OB appointment: tomorrow. My goal: to have only gained 3 or 4 pounds since last time, per my OB’s recommendation. Too bad I am headed to my brother’s to watch the Texas game and eat fajitas…

Stay tuned for that one!

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Jill said...

I don't usually make resolutions either, but in my mind, I have kinda told myself I need to cook more dinners at home, so I'm with you on that one. So far, so good. And the food tastes so much better than going out an trying to decide what to eat.

Yay for people asking you about your pregnancy-such fun! Glad you had a good time in Vegas!