Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cookies for breakfast

It is not even 8 in the morning yet and I am sitting here eating my girlscout cookies I got yesterday. Damn girlscouts. Paige will not be allowed to do that - or if she does, she is not allowed to bring any cookies home!

Paige has been much more active these last two days. I think I know the reason: on Wednesday, I called the doctor to let her know about the change of movement (lack there of), and her nurse called me back about 3 seconds later and told me to go to Labor and Delivery. Of course, this sends me into hysterics. David was out of the office that day in a class off-campus, so I couldn't get him on the phone. He has a blackberry, so I sent him an email that said "I called the doctor - they are sending me to Labor and Delivery." Of course he called me back immediately, left his class, and met me at Mercy. I was so scared. I got there, and they hooked me up to all the monitors - strapped these things to my stomach, and watched her heartrate and documented her movements. She IS moving all the time, I just can't feel it anymore. They think she flipped over and her back is facing the outside, and her legs are pointed more down, so her movements are low and to the inside. For those who have been strapped to these monitors, you know it isn't the most comfortable thing. You have to lay still on your back for at least an hour, with these things on you. It felt really good to get them off, and I think Paige wanted them off too! So since then, she has been moving more, and I can feel it! I think she has flipped back! She doesn't want to go through that again!

I keep wondering if I am too paranoid. Is this normal to be so worried? Some of my currently pregnant and recently pregnant friends are just so laid back about everything...I wish I could be like that! I have always been a worrier by nature, so I am sure it is just my personality to freak out about everything. I am also not good at dealing with things that leave me feeling out of control. I have never been one of those people who can say, oh, it will work itself out. If I can't do anything to make sure it works out, I freak out. I guess you could call me controlling : ) My husband sure likes to haha

I am making an effort to relax (I know - as a former infertile we are trained to HATE this word) and enjoy this a little more, and trust that it is going to work out! Wish me luck!

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