Friday, December 17, 2010

1 month - and thank you, Kim!

First, a funny story. On Tuesday, I came home from Christmas shopping to find a Titleist box on the front porch. Of course, I was instantly pissed at David for ordering golf clubs and not telling me. But I had 2 infants to feed and didn't have time to open the box, let alone call him and bitch him out.

He got home from class that night and was like - hey - did you order me some clubs for Christmas? We opened the box and found this:

Engraved putters with the boys' birth information. One for each. How freaking cool is that!?! We LOVED them and were so excited for our boys to have this awesome thing. I come from a family of serious golfers and married someone who also have a love for the game. I picture Jack and Braley playing golf with their dad and it makes my heart so happy.

Anyway - the only problem was - there was no information as to who this came from! I called my mom and she had no idea either. Finally, I had to call Titleist. I needed to thank this person for such a sweet, thoughtful gift. It turns out, it was my friend Kim who works for Titlesist. I am so glad I called because I would have NEVER put those two and two together and figured it out : ) Kim - David and I are so thankful for your thoughtfulness. We can't wait for Jack and Braley to hit the links for the first time, and they will always have this keepsake. When they win the Masters here in 30 years or so, they will thank you for giving them their first putter.

How is it possible that my babies are 1 month old already?

Jack is a rockstar at tummy time. He can lift is head so high and leave it there for several seconds. Braley is getting better. I try and do tummy time twice a day.

But they start fussing after 3 or 4 minutes and I turn them over.

Jack is a beautiful baby. He looks exactly like his big sister.

Braley has a precious baby face. He really is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. But I'm bot biased or anything...
And Paige is still a hot mess most of the time : ) This morning, her two incisor teeth had popped through, so that explains a lot. It is crazy that Paige now has almost all her baby teeth.

An acquaintance yesterday commented on how much hair the boys have. I said, yes, all of my kids have a lot of hair. It sounded so strange coming out of my mouth. "all of my kids."


Kristi said...

What a unique that! The twins are soo cute! And so is Paige...I love how she has on your (or an adults) tennis shoe!

Jamie Dearle said...

Happy Birthday Boys!

kim said...

I am so glad you guys liked them, and I should have emailed you awhile back letting you know they were coming to save you all the guess work.

Love the pics, as usual!

Lindsey said...

I've been waiting to see pictures of these since Kim told me she was sending them!! Love them!

And, you have some seriously cute kids!!!