Saturday, December 18, 2010

Perspective from a stranger

Allison gave me the full disk with all 41 gorgeous edited photos yesterday. I am in love with them. Thank you, Allison, for your hard work!

David and I took the kiddos out to Johnnies last night. For those not local, Johnnies is a family-friendly fast food ish place here in town. I'd say it is one step above a fast food place. I love their burgers, fries, and shakes. It is a great place to take kids, and has been around for a long time! I have many memories from my childhood there.

Anyway, all evening, David and I could not stop bickering at each other. I know all married couples have nights like that. I couldn't even tell you what started it all. Oh wait- yes I can. But it is so stupid I am way too embarrassed to repeat it. But once that started, we were just in crappy moods and being snippy with each other.

We were sitting down at our table with our gorgeous daughter enjoying her grilled cheese, talking, singing, just being adorable...and our cute baby boys sleeping in their carseats next to us.

A lady came up to us and was asking us all about our kids, telling me how great I looked, and what a happy family we were. She said, "wow. Yall* are very blessed. You are lucky to have each other. God bless and Merry Christmas." She was so sweet and seemed to genuinely mean it.

David and I sat there in silence for a few minutes after she walked away. We both felt so guilty! I know we will have nights where we forget how lucky we are to have each other and our children - but it was nice to have this reminder!

*Yes - she said yall. We live in Oklahoma.

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Lindsey said...

Love that she said y'all! And, I love when random strangers give you a dose of perspective!

And, I feel like I miss you too. I'll be home Monday afternoon!