Friday, December 31, 2010

All about Jack and Braley

The funny thing is - Jack is much, much heavier than Braley. But when you get them in their diapers, you can't see much if a size discrepancy in them. Jack is just a lot more dense.
Getting in some tummy time before our bath


Nicknames: B Money, B Money Maker, Braley no legs (he likes to curl his legs up in a ball by his stomach)

Good eater, but not like his brother. I am nursing the boys, but when I pump and give them a bottle, he eats around 3 ounces. He wants to eat every 2-3 hours during the day, and every 3-4 during the night.
He has the sweetest little face. I love him.


Nicknames: The Fat Jack, Jack Attack

Excellent eater. He downs 4 ounces from a bottle like it's nobody's business. He nurses for about 5 minutes longer than Braley. He is happy to eat anytime it is offered. He is a bit of a better sleeper. Braley normally wakes first, and we have to wake Jack to keep them on the same schedule. Jack is a beautiful little boy and looks like his big sister.

Both boys like to be held. Unless they are sleeping or doing tummy time, they want to be up with me, looking around. So I bend down, pick up, set down, pick up the other...many times a day. Their cries are very unique. Jack lets out a heartbreaking little scream, where as Braley has the more traditional baby 'wail.' Both break my heart and I instantly run to them. The good news is that they only really cry when they want to be fed or held. They are very good babies.

They are both in size 1 diapers, although Braley could still easily fit in newborns. If I did that though, I would be buying: newborn, 1, 4, and 5 overnights. Good grief.

The same goes with clothes: Braley fits much better in a newborn size, but Jack doesn't. I like them to coordinate/match, so I have them both in 0-3 now. I can't believe in just 6 weeks, we are finished with newborn clothes.

I'm excited to see their personalities come out in the coming months.


Kristi said...

Cute nicknames! Happy New Year!!

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I needed a fresh perspective and your post helped! Thanks!