Sunday, January 2, 2011


Jack and Braley kicked off 2011 by snuggling.

Poor Paige kicked it off by getting a cold. But she didn't let that stop her from cheering the Sooners on to a victory in the Fiesta Bowl! Yay SOONERS!!!

Our New Years was awesome. David and I decided to get a babysitter and go downtown to eat and to the Thunder game with some friends. This babysitter was from a professional service, so I felt like we were leaving the kiddos in capable hands. But the closer the hour got to actually leave, the more I freaked out. I just had horrible visions in my head of her losing her cool and getting too stressed by everything. I can barely handle it, and I'm their mom!

But she seemed very capable and was not nervous at all about it. She listened to all my instructions, looked at my notes, and took notes herself. Paige warmed up to her very fast and was coloring on her art table as we walked out the door. I pumped enough during the day so she could feed the boys their bottles, and they finished all of them! I was like - shoot - the babysitter has this down more than I do : )

I was very anxious to get home to the kids, but we really had a fun night. Although, while the group was waiting for our tab at the restaurant, I had to go to the car to pump. Good thing it was dark outside.

The boys are making excellent progress in the sleep department. Last night, they went to sleep at 12 (we had to watch the game!), slept until 5:15 (!!!!!), ate, right back to sleep by 6, then slept again until 9. I am really thinking we should be in a good routine in a month or so.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting a sitter for the kids and enjoying some non-mommy time. The kids will be fine and you are doing the best thing for yourself, your husband and your marriage. Wish all parents could have such a healthy attitude.

Kristi said...

The snuggle picture is precious!! I have one of those of my twins and just Love it:)

Callie said...

You guys were more than likely in serious need of a date night.
We had a date night last night and it is so nice to get away for a bit!
Glad you guys had fun!

Happy New Year!!

Tiffany said...

the cuddle pic of the boys is just precious! I just love twins! There's a bond there forever :)
Good for you for going out with your hubby. YOU so deserve it and so does he!

Take care of yourself!