Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mother of the year...I crown myself

When you are exclusively breastfeeding 2 month old twins and have an older child at home, you do what you can to keep them occupied.

Paige now uses our iPad as her personal Caillou connection. If you aren't familiar with Caillou, you obviously don't have a toddler. Or you entertain them by ways other than the TV : /

What happens when we have to tell Caillou bye bye.

What happens when I say nevermind, Caillou can come back out and play. Yep - mother of the year here, folks.

Totally ignoring what just transpired.


Lindsey said...

The picture of her fit made me laugh so hard!

And, no judgment here - Kate loves the TV.

Kristi said...

I had to laugh too at the picture of her fit...but she's so cute:)

Katie said...

This is such a funny post!! I love it. We also have a toddler baby girl (19 mths) AND are expecting twins due end of March. I am getting such a kick out of your blog and may send you an email askign for some advice! You are doing a GREAT job -- such a beautiful family and you ARE Mother of the Year!! -Katie

Dre said...

Caillou got us through my rough second pregnancy, and the newborn period (and with only a singleton!) so I feel your pain. Whatever works. But seriously? What is wrong with Caillou? Why is he bald when everyone else in his family has freakishly thick hair? My husband and I have discussed this at great length. Sad, this is what our life was reduced to. You rock!

Momma Wilson said...

I don't see any problem with this, and think that you totally deserve mother of the year:) You're doing a great job!

LIAngel said...

OMG! The picture of Paige all upset about saying good-bye to Caillou was too much. And those pictures of the boys, so cute. :)