Sunday, January 9, 2011


I don't really like the newborn stage. I am ready for the boys to be a little bigger.

I hate thinking like that, and always tell people to enjoy their babies when they are tiny because it goes too fast. Well, I wish this time would go faster.

I am too much of a worrier, and that ruins my enjoyment and leaves me feeling uneasy too much of the time.

Exhibit A: Paige got a cold last week. No big deal - just a runny nose, slight cough, no fever or change in behavior, though she did lose her appetite. It lasted a few days.

I can deal with that. I knew that she would be fine, it didn't matter that she missed a few days of good eating - she would be back on track as soon as her sinuses cleared up. And I was right.

Jack and Braley have now got Paige's cold. I knew having babies born during flu/RSV season and having an older child living in the house would expose the boys to more things. But I am SUCH a worrier with them. They are both so congested, coughing, and don't have much of an appetite. Braley sometimes coughs so hard that he throws up : ( I ended up on the phone at 5 AM with the nurses line at Children's Hospital because I just could not take the sound of that little baby coughing any more.

But with no fever, and the fact that they boys are still wetting diapers, there really isn't anything that can be done for them. Just rest, a cool mist humidifier, and trying to keep them as comfortable as we can.

I am ready for cold season to be over. I am ready for my boys to have built up some immunity. I am ready for them to be more interactive so I can feel like they don't just sit there all day. I hate to admit this: but I am ready for the newborn phase to be over.

Yes, I know I will kick myself for this post in about 8 months when they are crawling and it hits me that I'll never have another newborn, but I digress...


Anonymous said...

fyi squirting breastmilk up baby's nose instantly clears stuffy noses; works well on diaper rashes too.

nikinikinine said...

Ick, I hope J&B get better soon. I was reading about things to do during baby wake time the other day (house tours, singing, book reading) and I actually said out loud "wow, this is going to be so weird and awkward" LOL. I'm a rockstar mom already.

Kristi said...

Aww...hope they feel better soon! I bet when they are better you will be in love the with newborn stage again:)

Callie said...

Poor little guys. I too hate this time of year and I have to agree its much worse when they are still newborn babies and they get sick. It just seems all the more upsetting when you really cant do anything for them!
Hope they get to feeling better soon, and it will make you feel better too!
Sending prayers your way!