Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just another day

I watched this show yesterday called Making_Room_for_Multiples, and this couple had the same situation as us. They had a toddler boy, then newborn twin boys. The mom was a stay at home mom. As I was watching this show, I was like - do I really do this all day long? I felt like they made it seem harder than it really is, but I think I am just getting used to the chaos. I am a pro at burping one baby while nursing the other. Paige now thinks of my breast pump as a toy. She even calls it "pump!" I have Braley on my lap right now, Paige is walking around the house with her waffle, and Jack is cat napping in his bouncy seat. They will eat in about 15 minutes. This is just life for me!

Braley bubber after his bath last night. What a freaking cutie!

I love his sweet little face. I seriously die for this baby boy!

Twin love after their bath.

New elliptical is being delivered today. Project: lose the twin skin is starting. Man, I shouldn't have made cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Oh well.


Kelly said...

Love reading your blog! I am expecting twins too! We are having a boy and girl with an expected due date Feb. 13th. Do you use a twin boppy or single?
Have a good day!

Megan and David said...

It is funny you should mention the Boppy...

We just had one single one and that worked great. Jack and Braley snuggled in it and we could feed them bottles from there easily.

But, just last night I told David to stop by BRU and pick up another one because they are getting too big to share. So as of tonight, they should each have their own.

I'm not sure what a twin boppy is, though.

Kelly said...

I have only found the twin ones on-line. I think the one I registered for is made by a different company. As of right now, we just have a single boppy.

nikinikinine said...

Megan, you make the chaos look easy! Keep me posted on Operation: Twin Skin. I'm hoping to shed the TS in 2011 too (you know, after I shed these two babies I've been lugging around inside the skin...)

Amanda said...

I am always impressed with how you do it all!!!! As my mom would say, "you just do it." Love the pictures! Paige is so such a cutie and soooo smart! I hope she starts to know who I am. hahaha ahh, filled out my paperwork for half marathon!!!!