Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby, its cold outside!

A blast of arctic air has infiltrated the great state of Oklahoma. The trio and I are stuck indoors, as it just isn't worth it to take them out in this.

So - this morning, to pass the time, I have been following Paige around with my camera.

She tried on my running shoes and went for a little stroll down our back gallery.
She did the hokey pokey with Elmo. About 978 times.
Turning herself around

Putting her hand in and out
She did some coloring.
She and her twin baby dolls did some tummy time.
And she smiled : )
Then got very annoyed with me sticking the camera in her face.
Meanwhile, the boys happily watched the chaos!
I am DONE with winter.


Lindsey said...

Looks like Paige had a great day! I love that she has twin baby dolls!

And, you can really tell the size difference between J&B in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Love the tush shot of the boys.

Kristi said...

How cute is Paige's RL sweater!!! And I need to get one of those Elmo's...whenever he comes on sesame street my twins just stare, well one stares and one dances!