Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cowboys and a house cleaner, I guess.

I must say, I can't for the life of me understand where Paige learned to vacuum. We are always gone when our house cleaner is here, and if I ever vacuum myself (rare - yes, I hang my head in shame), then it is when she naps.

Instinct, I guess?
She can vacuum and hold her baby at the same time.

Cutest cowboy I have ever seen.

Paige and Jack with my grandfather, Jack.

The Jacks
Fattest cowboy I have ever seen.

We had a little dinner at my parents house, and I felt like dressing the boys up in their boots and hats : )

Boys two month check: they are perfect! Jack is huge. Almost 13 pounds. 90th percentile. Braley is no shrinking violet...he is almost 11 pounds and in the 50th percentile. Coming from babies who were 5 lbs and 6 lbs at birth...we are thrilled!


Lindsey said...

She is a SAHM in training! Sweet girl!

And, Jack weighs as much as Kate. He is just making sure he grows big and strong so she can look past the fact that he is younger when they start dating.

Callie & Gerod said...

The boys are getting so big! I cant believe they are already two months old! Crazy how quickly time flies.
Paige looks adorable! Maybe its a kid thing, Chad really enjoys sweeping and I dont do it very often. :( Who knows where he got it or why he likes it.

Tiffany said...

I cannot believe how big the boys are! WOW. So adorable. THose pics of the boys and great-grandpa Jack are priceless treasures!

The Frasiers said...

ha! look at paige!! adorable! and i love the little cowboys!

nikinikinine said...

She can vacuum and hold her baby at the same time.

I LOVE this