Monday, January 17, 2011

Hold you

Paige is obsessed with the babies right now. "Hold you, Jack! Hold you, Braley!" She says over and over again until I let her hold them. She understands that one is Jack and one is Braley. But when you point to one of them (whether Jack or Braley) and ask who this is, she always says Jack first. But when you say no, this isn't Jack! She will correct herself and say Braley (although it comes out more like Bay ee. Cutest thing ever.)

Braley bubber cubber. Love him.

Hold you, Jack!

Hold you, Braley!

Right now, I feel like one blessed momma. I must admit to NOT feeling that way around 3 PM today. Paige was up from her nap and crabby, and both babies where gassy and fussy, wanting to nurse on and off. Ahhh, the joys of twins and a toddler.

And - how is it possible that they are 2 months old?


Lindsey said...

That is precious! She is such a sweet big sister!

I hope she can teach Kate how to be an awesome big sister one day!

WantWait&Pray said...

How old is your daughter? She is beautiful btw and your boys are perfect little sweet!
I ask because I just found out after a long history of infertility, 3 rounds of IVF and my twins who were born in May, that I'm expecting (naturally)!!!
Sooo....this baby will be born when my twins are 15 months. GULP! Wasn't sure how old your daughter was but thought I'd check...

Megan and David said...

Paige is 21 months. So our three are 19 months apart. It is a huge challenge all the time but so freaking awesome, I can't even describe.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!