Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brothers don't shake hands!

Brothers gotta hug!

Man, if I thought I was busy before...I had no idea! It's funny - now I consider my "downtime" to be JUST having the boys or JUST having Paige. I'm lucky (knock on wood) that the boys are pretty low-maintenance babies. And thanks to night help, I go to sleep around 10:30, wake at 2 to pump, then back to sleep until 7:45 or so. I am pumping twice a day and think I am building up a nice supply.

Paige has been what is really hard. She is handling all these changes about how I thought she would, but I could have never anticipated the magnitude of it. I know that in time, it will be her new normal. But for now, her little world is in a tizzy. I am doing my best to cater to her, but I also have 2 newborns who need my love/snuggles and are on a pretty tight feeding schedule. So it is a balancing act that I pray in time, we will all master. I'll be honest and say that there are times during the day where I could completely lose my shit and just scream. But at the end of the day, all I know is I am thankful for my kids. And, let's face it, all this help I am getting. This would be light years harder without it.

So that's, that! Mother-in-law leaves on Monday and the 4 of us will have a full day on our own. No school, no helpers. God help us all : )


Lindsey said...

You will settle into your new normal soon!

Thinking about you all the time!

Dre said...

I love that movie!!! And that line was uttered many many times when we brought our second son home! Such cute pictures... such adorable-ness (is that a word?) helps get through the rough patches. I know how hard the older sibling takes a new arrival, and Paige has TWO! Hang in there, she will calm down eventually. Just enjoy the crazy rollercoaster. You are doing great!