Monday, December 20, 2010

Beautiful Paige

First, our cute stockings. We didn't do a tree this year. I was so sad about that, but it was the best decision. I don't have time to keep a curious toddler away from it. One day we will have tons of presents under a great big tree...but this year, we just have stockings.

All 5 of them : )
I know I am biased, but I can't get over how beautiful Paige gets every day. She has the most amazing eye lashes, big, red lips, and such a lovely smile. She is going to be a heartbreaker!

And I couldn't resist throwing in sweet baby Braley.

I got a new camera, and am having fun playing with it. Too bad I have zero time to learn about all the settings. Some day.


Alyssa said...

Did you buy those stockings all at once this year? Or were you able to find the same ones you'd previously bought?

PS. She definitely is gorgeous. Congrats on your twins also :)

Lindsey said...

We didn't put up a tree this year either. Just wasn't practical.

Paige is such a beauty - and good job with the new camera!!

Abby said...

I'm not sure if I posted this before, but I just wanted to say that I love your attitude about are doing amazing! I can't imagine how stressful things can be but you seem to be handling it all and taking it in stride. You have a great perspective on things!! (and your family is so beautiful!!)