Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 years ago

I started stimulation drugs for my IVF cycle that brought my boys. Crazy. It amazes me how special my kids are. All the teamwork that went in to bringing them in to the world.

I mean, the smallest of changes and they wouldn't be here. A split-second decision to lower my Follistim dose and add Menopur. A last minute phone call to have me come in for a Sunday transfer instead of Monday. And lastly, as I lay on the table, David 30 minutes away with Paige, debating how many to transfer. We had said we would only do one, as we preferred a healthy singleton. The on-call doctor recommended 2. I called David and texted back and forth with him a few times before we agreed to do 2. And what is funny, my regular IVF doctor (who was out of town and couldn't do my transfer, hence why the on-call guy did it) later told me that he would have recommended I go with 1. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we would have done 1 if he was in the room telling me that at the time. Funny how things work out. I later told him (after the twins were born) that I am sure glad he was in Austin visiting his wife's mother that weekend : )

My 2 day five 4BB blastocyst embryos. Any guess as to which one is Jack and which one is Braley?



Here is a bit of honesty:
I said that I was nervous about telling people it was twins because I was afraid we would lose one of them, like we did Paige's twin. But that isn't true. I knew. I knew they would be okay. I knew these were my twins.

Thank God for miracles!

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LaNeale Robertson said...

So special. God is good!!!