Saturday, March 24, 2012

A few days in iphone pictures

I have been MIA from blogging, but for good reason! We have been soaking up this fantastic weather.

Thursday was rainy, and Paige was out of school for Spring Break (uggh). But we made the most of it with a trip to visit Papa and gymboree for the boys!

I'd say all the fun wore these 2 out!

Friday, Paige and I did our usual - gym, lunch with friends, then grocery shopping! We got a new grocery store in my 'hood, and I LOVE it. It is nice, modern, has the pre-packaged things, organic selection, fantastic cheeses, butcher, etc...but it also has normal stuff. You know, for us unhealthy folks who like our cheeze-its and diet dr pepper. And they have a fab bakery that sells cupcakes for 68 cents : ) Sad that I am already this familiar with it. It is Saturday and I have been 3 times this week. But I this store.

And love this girl!
When Paige and I got home, we went straight outside with the twins. It was lovely out.

We got some amazing cantaloupe at the grocery and had a little picnic.

Friday night, David and I went to the game. And won, in double overtime! Sheesh!

Today has been crazy warm. I can't believe it is still march. We have had snowstorms in march before, and today, we were out in our swim suits!

So, seeing as it is still march, I have not yet bought the kids suits for the summer. But luckily ours from last year (kind of) still fit. They were a little tight, but it worked for today! That is on my agenda for next week, though!

We had a little strawberry picnic outside!

And some more water table fun!

Then, we came in for baths, ate some dinner, and made an evening trip to...the grocery again!

Paige is such a hot mess who insists on dressing herself. Fine. A tule heart skirt, bubble gum shirt, leopard shoes. And to top of the look, a roller in her hair. She got a lot of stares and pitty smiles : ) It just isn't worth the battle to try and get her to wear what I want her to.

Tomorrow is a big game against the Heat! Let's go THUNDER!!!!

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Kelly said...

The roller in her hair is awesome!!