Monday, March 26, 2012

We live outside!

The good weather continues here! Today, we went to the gym in the morning, and after that, came inside to nap only! We even ate our lunch and snacks outside!! A trip to the playground, and gymnastics after dinner included...I'd say these kids had a great day!

I foresee many a picnic outside this spring. Before it gets too hot : (

I let the kids play outside while I was fixing dinner. Our kitchen is right off the back patio, and we have big open windows so I can keep my eyes on them. And I left the door open. Oh, and we have a fence that they can't open ; ). All of a sudden, I heard Paige squeal, so I ran out there and discovered that the sprinkler had come on! They LOVED it!!!

David took Paige to gymnastics after dinner, and the bubbas and I headed back outside!

I decided tonight was the perfect night for their first Oreo.

Spike and Beefy willing Braley to drop his. No such luck.

Dirty, smiling faces at the end of a day = I'm doing something right as a mom : )

Now I'm so tired from this day, willing my laundry to fold itself. Again, no suck luck.

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